Dubai, praised for the exceptional development in the recent years is undoubtedly one place to spend your luxury holidays. It is the king of lavishness and wonder, portaying a jaw dropping nightlife. The tall Burj Khalifa, touching the horizon by the ocean shore is the first chocie of the visitors in Dubai. However, Dubai has much more to offer other than this tall structure which is an architectural masterpiece. The palm islands of Dubai, the Dubai exhibition hall, The Dubai Mall, Madinat Jumeirah and so on are stunning spots.

If you are wondering how I know so much about the luxury holidays in Dubai, then let me confess that I have been there and was so enchanted by the energy the city had to offer that I boarded my flight back with a heavy heart. I must admit that Dubai has something exceptional to offer on every tour. Be it your first, twenty first or fiftieth vacation in Dubai, you will always have a bag full of astonishments to share.

If you choose to spend your luxury holidays in Dubai, you must have a look at the packages offered by Milan Tours Dubai. From having water sports by the sea shore, to scuba diving and cruising the intriguing waters of the Arabian Gulf, the luxury tour has it all. The enchanting nightlife makes you guarantee yourself that you will back in Dubai for your next vacation.

The highlights of Luxury Holidays in Dubai include:

  1. 5-star hotels and cruises: The services take you back into the time when kings and queens lived. The historic architecture of the hotels, compliments the furniture and luxurious stay. If you have been to other places of the world, you can easily compare the unmatched luxury of these 5 star Dubai hotels and find them above all.
  2. Sandy beaches and water sports: The desert land by the sea shore is refined in luxury, with indigenous Arabian wildlife and desert activities. There is a constant flood of excitement for water lovers in Dubai. You can bounce onto a fly board, or stream across the remote ocean. It is a major attraction for the visitors.
  3. World-class shopping and sightseeing: There are streets packed with wonders in Dubai. Multiple architectural masterpieces with great lighting incite Goosebumps. This makes shopping in the streets of Dubai and sightseeing much more alluring.
  4. Middle Eastern cuisine and dining: One of the best things I experienced on the luxury tour was a total romantic seclusion for an in-suite dining. You can enjoy the Middle Eastern cuisine, its rich ingredients and mouthwatering savory at your own discretion.

Horse racing, golf and desert safaris:

Dubai has been the home to multiple golf players and so sports are an integral part of the luxury holidays. Dubai desert safari is the ultimate travel experience. After an exhilarating camel ride, you can have mouthwatering barbeque dinner, to feel out of the world

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